Kristen Bell and Her Kids Throw a Dance Party For Dax Shepard While He's in Isolation

If there's one family I'd love to self-isolate with besides my own, I got dibs on Kristen Bell's.

In a sweet Instagram post, she revealed that husband Dax Shepard had been traveling and just returned to Los Angeles on Monday. In an abundance of safety amid the coronavirus outbreak, he didn't rush home.

"To be cautious," she wrote, "I asked him to stay at a friend's empty apartment for a bit to make sure he had no symptoms."

Just because it was the right thing to do doesn't mean it was any easier, particularly for the couple's two daughters, Lincoln and Delta.

"Today, we were missing him so much, we did the only logical thing we knew how to do," said Kristen, who shared a video of their performance for Dax while he was on his self-imposed isolation.

In the video, Kristen and her daughters can be seen rocking out in the courtyard below to a particularly appropriate song from the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen titled "Waving Through a Window." For any Ben Platt fans, trust me: the tune takes on a whole new meaning these days. Watch their adorable "serenade" and just try to resist copying their highly committed dance moves in your own living room.