Lego's 4,000-Piece Home Alone Set Is Loaded With Kevin McCallister's Best Booby Traps

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If you've ever dreamed of helping Kevin McCallister lay down his traps for the two bandits trying to break into his house on Christmas Eve, now's your chance. Ahead of the holidays, Lego is releasing a $250 Home Alone-inspired set complete with all of our favorite props from the film. From the turntables disguised as Kevin's parents to the sled he uses to slide down the staircase, spotting all the hidden details from the movie might be just as fun as putting the house together.

Kevin's treehouse, the holiday lights, Little Nero's pizza, the iconic doggy door — it's all there. The house also comes with five Lego people modeled after the characters, including Kevin, his mom, both bandits, and the McCallisters' neighbor Old Man Marley (snow shovel included). Of course, Kevin also comes with different faces to express his emotions and a few accessories to throw on when he ventures out into the snowy yard.

Made for ages 18 and up, the 3,955-piece set also features tiny details like Kevin's mac 'n' cheese dinner, Buzz's pet tarantula, the zip line, and even the fire that catches on Harry's head. Plus, you know they didn't forget the Oh-Kay Plumbing & Heating van. At about 11 inches tall, the house is the perfect centerpiece for a holiday display and definitely makes us want to rewatch Home Alone for the 500th time. Take an in-depth peek inside the McCallister home here, and shop the holiday-inspired Lego set — once it's available on Nov. 1 — ahead.