Mila Kunis Has a Classic Mom Diet: Her Kids' Leftovers

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Mila Kunis: actor, producer, mom of two, and lover of leftovers, ice cream, and meal delivery services. The 39-year-old stopped by Harper's Bazaar recently while promoting her Netflix film, "The Luckiest Girl Alive," and shared everything she eats in a day, from the moment she wakes up until lights out. And if you were expecting three course meals from a personal chef (which, admittedly, I was), well, you're in for a surprise.

"My typical breakfast sometimes is the leftovers that my children didn't eat from the morning," Kunis says in the video. "I have this thing against wasting food, so I'll eat their leftovers." Kunis has two kids, a daughter and a son, with husband Ashton Kutcher, and like many parents, her mornings revolve around getting them up, fed, and off to school. Kunis doesn't sit down for her own breakfast until that's all done, although she says she does have coffee (with, specifically, Silk Vanilla Oat Milk Creamer) right after she wakes up.

Kunis admits that those breakfast leftovers aren't always the most satiating meal, so she'll sometimes supplement it with a piece of avocado toast, featuring whole grain bread (Kunis likes Dave's Killer Bread), Everything But the Bagel seasoning, and an egg over-easy or some hummus or tzatziki if she's feeling fancy.

Kunis says she and Kutcher are both working from home these days, which means they can tag-team lunch. "We'll mishmash something together out of the fridge," she says, like a protein smoothie from a smoothie delivery service. In a classic busy-parent move, Kunis is also big on delivery services for produce (like Imperfect Food or Misfits Market) and meal delivery.

For dinner, Kunis gets creative. Sometimes the family will have a make-your-own-bowl night, with a salad or grain base and vegetables. Friday is leftover day, featuring an "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink meal" with the primary goal of cleaning out the fridge. Kunis's mom, who lives close by, drops off food sometimes as well, including some traditional Russian and Ukrainian dishes that Kunis seems to love. "My mom's a master pickler," she says. "If you've never tried pickled watermelon, it's delicious."

After dinner is when the real fun starts. Kunis lets her kids have "a bite of something sweet," she says. "Then they go to bed, and then my husband and I open the freezer and have ice cream every night." Because, as Kunis rightly puts it, "we're adults and we can!" Ice cream, in case you didn't know, happens to be Kunis's favorite food group, so much so that she could hardly choose a favorite flavor. A couple of go-to's: Thrifty brand ice cream ("Chocolate Malted Crunch and/or Thrifty brand Rocky Road") and McDonald's soft serve. "Yes, I know the machines are often broken, but it is some damn good soft serve."

Now that we're all craving ice cream, watch the full video above for more of Kunis's favorite foods and drinks, including her "honest beverage of choice" (wine) and the drink her kids have gotten her obsessed with.