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Mom Makes Sidewalk Chalk Art During While Social Distancing

A Mom Uses Sidewalk Chalk to Create Breathtaking Photo Backdrops For Her Kids

Mermaid Sidewalk Chalk Art

Mom-of-two Stacy Lazzara is letting her creative juices flow while spending time at home with her two daughters, 7-year-old Ashlyn and 4-year-old Averie. Despite not having any formal art training, the Illinois-based mom has gone above and beyond to create breathtaking landscapes using sidewalk chalk for her little ones. As soon as she posted her creations to Facebook, they were met with some serious compliments.

"We love being able to bring a smile to people's faces!"

"For me, getting outside and being creative are both things I find really therapeutic, so these chalk drawings started really organically as my way of having some fun while encouraging my kids to play outside while social distancing," Stacy told POPSUGAR. "Once I posted a couple of the pictures, the response was so overwhelmingly positive that I decided to keep going. I never intended my chalk drawings to become an ongoing series, but hearing that we're bringing even a small dose of joy to people's days is motivating me to keep creating. There is so much fear and anxiety in the world right now; we love being able to bring a smile to people's faces!"

According to Stacy, her daughter Ashlyn, in particular, has become passionate about the project, and loves to help her mom pick themes for their next creation.

"I think Ashlyn and I have always shared an artistic brain, so she's been a natural partner for this project," said Stacy. "She loves brainstorming ideas with me — often draws her own pictures beside mine — and has even helped me color in parts of my designs. I've also discovered through this project that she's a pretty great actress. Her facial expressions are really key to bringing these images to life!"

Keep scrolling to see some of Stacy's amazing chalk drawings, and if you're looking for creative activities to do at home with your kids, check out these free virtual drawing sessions provided by children's book authors or try your hand at one of these easy crafts or science experiments.

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