Stuck on How to Get Your Kids Moving? Try This Mom's Hack That Requires Only Sidewalk Chalk

Do your kids have energy to burn? Now that parents can't rely on daily PE classes or after-school sports to give their children some much-needed movement, they've had to improvise. In fact, one mom managed to create a fully loaded fitness center in her own driveway. Even more impressive? It required just one simple item: sidewalk chalk.

Maricela Montemayor used up her entire extralong driveway to create a chalk obstacle course — which included classic hopscotch as well as frog jumps, skipping lines, and jumping rope — for her daughter to get her heart rate up.

The resourceful mom shared a video of her DIY gym hack, which has now been viewed nearly 9 million times. It took her daughter less than three minutes to complete, which might not feel like enough bang for a parent's buck, considering it probably takes quadruple that time to map the entire course out. But when you consider that research suggests taking short movement breaks throughout the day positively impacts many aspects of childhood learning and focus, it's the perfect quick fix for when your kids (or you!) need to blow off steam. Even more, the movement path encourages gross motor skills like coordination, visual-spatial awareness, and balance, and it can be tailored to kids' educational needs — reciting the alphabet letters within the circles they jump on and counting out the number of jumping jacks they must complete are great ways to hone in on early reading and math.

Sure, many parents don't have such a lengthy driveway at their disposal, but the same winding path could be scrawled out along any sidewalk — and it'll earn parents bonus points for providing countless neighborhood kids an opportunity to get in some fitness fun!

Here's hoping rain isn't in the forecast anytime soon.