Help Toddlers Learn From Home Using This Mom's Playful Montessori-Based Activities

Mom of three Sole Smith has always been a big proponent of using the Montessori Method to help kids learn. As a homeschooling parent who frequently includes sensory play in her little ones' day-to-day plans, she knows how to expertly tailor each activity she does to her kiddos' daily lessons. Fortunately for families, Sole is sharing her wealth of knowledge on TikTok, and we're definitely going to be snagging a few of her ideas.

"There is a LOT of research showing the importance of sensory play in a child's developing brain!" she wrote in her blog. "From building neural connections to improving speech and social skills, the benefits of sensory play are so crucial and important! It's called sensory play because it involves all the senses, which is how we all learn best."

Ahead, find a selection of Sole's Montessori-inspired homeschool activities that toddlers are sure to love.

An Activity For Teaching Kids About Animals

Parents can teach children which animals swim and which ones roam the land with this fun sensory-play activity.

An Activity to Teach Kids How to Count

Use felt balls and a dice to help children learn to count.

An Activity to Teach Kids About Patterns

Gather some dot pens and a few strips of paper to teach kids the simplicity of patterns. We have a feeling they'll get the hang of them in no time.

An Activity to Teach Kids About the Sounds Letters Make

Help kids isolate the sounds that words make by using dictation, a tried-and-true method that's perfect for little ones.

An Activity to Teach Kids About Mixing Colors

Your children will adore learning about the art of mixing colors. All parents have to do is provide their kids with blue, yellow, and red water along with a few empty glasses.

An Activity to Teach Kids About Numbers

Fill a sensory bin with beans or rice and plastic numbers to help little ones learn what order numbers go in.

An Activity to Teach Kids About Transportation

This fun activity will teach toddlers if boats, cars, planes, and trains belong in the air, at sea, or on the road. We love how Sole uses cotton balls to depict the clouds!

A DIY Calculator Activity

Help children build their very own calculator using cardboard, clothespins, wooden numbers, and colorful pom-poms.

An Activity to Help Kids Learn to Read

Toddlers will love engaging in this prereading exercise that involves small plastic toys, a sensory bin, and a list of words. They'll enjoy matching the toy with the word and learning about how to blend sounds.

An Activity to Teach Kids About Sorting Colors

Have toddlers use a pair of kid-friendly chopsticks to match colored toys with their respective cupcake wrapper.