This Hilarious Mom Created a Cubicle Cluster For Her Kids in Online School, and It's So Genius

As many families are adjusting to the everyday struggle of virtual learning, it seems parents are getting more and more creative with their homeschool setups. While some are opting to transform their kitchen tables into mini classroom spaces, one mom in Arizona cleverly set up cubicles in her living room to keep her talkative kids from getting distracted while studying. Shared by her oldest daughter Jaala James on TikTok, the 18-year-old, along with five of her siblings, sit in a cubicle cluster during their school days.

After initially posting a video revealing her mom had bought six cubicles for her and her siblings, Jaala gave a "cubicle tour" by popular demand, where she showed off each of her siblings' decorated workspaces and the couches the family had stacked up to make room for the desks. She told BuzzFeed that while all of her siblings are "super talkative" and "cannot stop talking to each other," they love the setup, as it's helped them stay focused and block out each other's noise. Jaala's mom is also a fan, even ordering school lunch trays and creating a "student of the week" board to enhance her kids' at-home learning experience. Ahead, get a closer look at the mom's genius office space.