Mom Makes a Life Update Video For Friends but Holds Up Written Signs That Spill the Actual Tea

Mom of two Cheryl Dougan Kerl wanted to send her girlfriends a video to update them on her life and how she's doing social distancing at home with her husband, Mike, and two daughters, Bailey and Grace. And while anyone focused on just the audio portion of the clip would think that Cheryl's family is doing just fine, it's the visuals that really amp up the hilarity of her video message. As she speaks of the Butterflies and Rainbows of social distancing, she also holds up signs — Love Actually style — that spill the *actual* tea.

"Hi girls, I just wanted to check in and let you know how much I miss you guys!" Cheryl says in the beginning of the video, as she holds up a sign that reads "They are listening on the other side of the door." From there, she goes on to share that she's loving her family's antics (read: they're all driving her up a wall) and stresses how much "fun" they're having together. Cheryl doesn't miss a beat as she speaks while holding up the contradicting signs for each statement: when she states that her kids are getting along really well, she also holds up a sign that informs her friends that, actually, Bailey just kicked Grace where the sun don't shine; and even though she says she's loving her husband's "sexy mustache," the hilarious sign she holds up tells it how it really is.

Watch the full relatable video above, and take a page out of Cheryl's book if you feel like you need to vent a little to your friends but have nowhere private to hide!