If You Think Baby Milestone Cards Are Overkill, You're Going to Love the Ones For Moms

Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby . . . you sat up for the first time. Congratu-friggin-lations, kid. Do you know what we did in the five months it took you to accomplish that? Plenty, and you don't see us sharing every little nonevent on Facebook, now do you?

Well, truth is, the reason us parents haven't Instagrammed about our first postbaby shower (that lasted more than five minutes) or our first night only getting up five times (instead of the now-normal 12) is because there's no cute way of doing it. See, moms don't get a package of adorable milestone cards like babies do to show off major developmental achievements. At least, they didn't until now.

Billed as "a celebration of survival," Mum's Milestones provides a deck of 25 photo cards to toast the more hard-fought victories mothers reach on their whirlwind journeys through the early stages of parenthood.

Including going to the bathroom solo and managing to nap while folding clean onesies, this $30 set is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sorry, baby, you aren't the only one who successfully drank a whole bottle today!