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Netflix Hubie Halloween Parents Guide

Yes, Your Teens Will Be Obsessed With Netflix's Hubie Halloween; Here's What to Know!

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Hubie Halloween gives a nod to an unlikely hero.
Image Source: Netflix

If you're anything like us, we're usually suckers for Adam Sandler movies. After all, there's no time like 2020 for some ridiculous, lighthearted humor. Thankfully, the comedian's most recent film, Hubie Halloween, is already available to stream on Netflix and chock-full of big-name talent like Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Rob Schneider, Maya Rudolph, and Steve Buscemi, just to name a few.

While parents might want to queue up Sandler's latest flick to channel the nostalgic feelings they experienced while watching Big Daddy for the first time, we have a feeling that teens will instantly gravitate to Hubie Halloween, too. Full of slapstick humor and easy-to-quote jokes, this movie will surely become a favorite of big kids who love to laugh.

Rated PG-13, Hubie Halloween appropriately centers on a man named Hubie who lives in Salem. Frequently mocked by other Salem residents, Hubie's courage is put to the test when it becomes up to him to save his hometown from a seriously spooky presence.

Read ahead to learn why Hubie Halloween — which is every bit absurd as it is stacked with star power — will be on your tween or teen's must-watch list and what parents should be aware of before they press play!

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