Pampers Is Launching Virtual Childbirth Education Classes Amid COVID-19 to Help Expectant Parents

For expectant parents, the COVID-19 outbreak understandably comes with new concerns and anxieties. And because many women don't have full access to their ob-gyns right now, Pampers has stepped up to help by creating a free nine-part series of virtual childbirth education videos meant to give families the information they need.

"With new stay-at-home requirements across the country, Pampers knows this is an especially difficult time for expecting parents who are concerned about not being able to physically attend childbirth/prenatal classes and what that might mean for how prepared they are for the exciting arrival of their little one," said a press release from Pampers. "In an effort to help during these trying times and ensure new parents feel supported as they transition to parenthood and learn to #LoveTheChange, Pampers is providing no-cost access to virtual childbirth education classes to provide expecting moms and dads with the resources they need to feel more prepared and ready for this important life-event while keeping safe."

So what can soon-to-be parents expect from the series? Videos led by two clinical childbirth experts — which include five real-life expecting parents — that touch on topics from prenatal health and nutrition to breastfeeding and postpartum care. Here's a look at the program's full offerings:

  • Body Changes & Discomforts
  • Prenatal Health & Nutrition
  • Preparing For Labor & Birth
  • Labor & Birth Part One
  • Labor & Birth Part Two
  • Immediately After Birth
  • Feeding Your Baby
  • Bringing Baby Home
  • Postpartum Care

Registration for the series begins on Monday, April 13, at 1 p.m. ET. Interested expectant parents can register for the nine-part series here.