I Can't Get Over How Insanely Detailed This Starbucks Newborn Shoot Is; Just Look at the Chip Bags!

For Erika Seress, a photographer at The Pod Photography in Culver City, CA, getting every last detail right when staging a photo shoot is the name of the game. Recently, she worked with a family to create a lifelike Starbucks backdrop for a newborn session — apparently the little guy's dad is obsessed with Starbucks! — and it's actually a mini version of a full-on store.

"I personally made every detail of the set myself," Erika told POPSUGAR. "I made the counter out of crates covered with scrapbooking paper and a walnut shelf piece. The bakery case is a Hallmark Cupcake Keepsake ornament case. I wrapped twine around plastic flower pots and then painted Popsicle sticks black for the legs. The mini chip bags are actual Starbucks chip bags that I cut into fours and then stuffed with cotton balls before gluing closed, and the mini Starbucks cups are a mix of Christmas tree ornaments. We also glued logos onto the white mugs in the background!"

As for the food? Erika either bought it or made it herself, so yes, we're definitely impressed! Scroll ahead to get a look at this incredibly sweet newborn photo shoot that will make you want to order a venti frap ASAP.