Aww! Kylie Filmed Stormi and Her Cousins at the Playground, and They Look Like Grown Up

As cliche as it is to talk about how fast babies grow up, we can't help but deliver that same spiel any time we see it happen before our very eyes. Case in point: Stormi Webster. It seems like just yesterday she turned 1! And while Stormi has always had a strong point of view (remember how unimpressed she was at the aquarium this Summer?), nothing highlights just how much of a grown toddler she's become more than this video Kylie shared on Instagram.

"These girls are getting so big i can't handle it 😍 .. thank you God for them," Kylie writes alongside the video, in which her little girl-slash-teenager is hamming it up with her cousins at the playground. They're so adorable and it literally looks like they're just sitting there gossiping, probably about story time and such. Toddler giggles are at peak cuteness, so you're going to want to turn the volume all the way up on this one!