Show Your Kids' Teachers How Much They Mean to You With These Heartfelt Gift Ideas

Given the fact schools have been closed due to social-distancing orders for the last few weeks, it's safe to say we're more appreciative for our kiddos' teachers than ever this year. After all, homeschooling is hard, and we can't imagine what it's like to to have to teach lessons using the computer. With that being said, giving educators a much-needed nod during Teacher Appreciation Week is definitely on our to-do lists.

Ahead, find some thoughtful ways your little ones can show teachers how much they care amid the COVID-19 outbreak that will certainly bring smiles to their faces.

Make them cookies.

Nothing quite says "you're the best!" like a bunch of homemade baked goods. Put the kids to work by having them measure out all your dry ingredients!

DIY some soaps.

After a long day of virtual teaching, a sweet-smelling bar of handmade soap will be just what the doctor ordered. This three-step guide to DIYing your own version is a great place to start.

Give them a plant.

Whether you're known for your green thumb or not, giving the teachers in your life a sweet plant or easy-to-maintain succulent is a warm gesture.

Have your kids write them a note.

Just because your little ones can't thank their favorite teachers in person doesn't mean they should skip a note or card! Have your kids write out what they love about the educators in their lives, add a drawing, and scan it to their teachers to brighten their day.

Give them a gift card.

An Amazon gift card can go a long way in terms of books and leisure activities! Go with a classic Starbucks or Dunkin' card, or grab one from a local restaurant that they can use once we reopen.

Send them a sidewalk chalk message.

Have kiddos create a colorful "Thank you!" message using sidewalk chalk, and snap a pic.

Surprise them with a handmade bracelet.

Teachers will appreciate the thought that went into a personalized bracelet or necklace made by your children.

Send them a care package.

Now more than ever, a relaxing candle and bottle of wine will go a long way. Feel free to keep the contents simple; it's the thought that counts!

Make them a sign for the front yard.

Have the kids decorate a heartwarming yard sign that teachers can proudly display.