Please Watch Angela Kinsey's Kids Cracking Up Over This Iconic Scene From The Office

Angela Kinsey β€” aka Angela Martin from The Office β€” is showing her kids just how funny Ed Helms's character Andy Bernard is! In a sweet Instagram video that will make fans of the beloved show feel all warm and fuzzy inside, we see the actress show her 12-year-old daughter, Isabel, and her stepsons, Cade, 12, and Jack, 10, the hilarious scene in which Andy punches a wall. Yes, it's still absolutely iconic, and naturally, all three children can be seen rightfully cracking up in the clip.

"Some evenings you just want to pile into bed and watch Andy Bernard punch a hole in the wall. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ @edhelms," she captioned the post. We can only imagine what their reactions are to seeing Angela in character!