This Dad Slow-Dances With His Baby Daughter Nightly — I Watched, I Teared Up, Then I Sent This to My Husband

Capturing those early parent–child moments on video is truly special — one of my favorite things to do is scroll through my phone to find old footage of my toddler during the newborn phase. But some moments are so freaking precious that it's hard to watch without tearing up at the heaviness of it all. Which is exactly what happened to me when Reddit user Jenlynnchez shared an adorable father–daughter moment on the platform yesterday. Every night before bed, her husband slow-dances with their daughter in the kitchen, and the proud mama finally caught the sweetness on camera. In the video, their daughter looks completely calm as she rests her head on Dad, and he rubs her back, slowly rocking back and forth. It's honestly so precious to watch and it'll turn you into complete mush.