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Video of Excited Happy Toddlers | I Kid You Not

Let All These Overjoyed, Excited Kids Help You Take a Much-Needed Break

We certainly don't need to get into how stressful life can be these days, which is why you need to let these smiling, enthusiastic, positively delightful kids into your day! Whether they're just so happy to see Mom at day care or taken aback by the majesty of a real-life fire truck, these precious tots are delivering a whole lot of comfort straight through the screen.

The video above is so much more than smiles and vibes, though. There are also a young son whose maturity is on display as he gushes with pride about how hard his mother is working in school and a little girl who is so thrilled to be participating in a charitable effort. It's this kind of energy that really fills you with that warmth and hope that can keep us all going.

Thanks to TikTokers @romanzmum, @the_andersons_, @makeupandmomin, @carabajalfamily, @imaan.hassim, and @unpopularblu, as well as Heather Thompson, for sharing these high-energy bundles of joy with us!

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