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How to Survive Fashion Week

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Bausch + Lomb makers of LUMIFY

Source: LUMIFY

With countless Fashion Weeks under their belts, our editors know a thing or two about looking great and staying comfortable on the go. We've teamed up with the makers of LUMIFY™ eye drops to reveal their tried-and-true secrets.

Fashion Week is a notoriously busy time for our fashion editors, but amongst the furious typing, frantic rushing, and hectic scheduling, they've become experts at not only curating an on-the-go survival kit, but successfully thriving on little sleep while attending event after event — all while looking their best. Whether you're a busy bee living in a major city, a dedicated mom with an endless to-do list, or a fierce boss hustling 24/7, you can benefit from our fashion editors' Fashion Week hacks — no runway-show ticket necessary!

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