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Lazy-Girl Fashion Trend

9 Ways to Stop Living the Lazy-Girl Fashion Life and Get Your Act Together

Lazy-Girl Fashion Trend

If there's one thing in this world I excel at, it's being lazy. I've waited for the laundry basket to overflow before throwing clothes in the wash. I've canceled party plans in favor of sitting on the couch watching Netflix. I snooze my alarm, chill out in my towel, and have perfected the art of picking things up with my feet. (I could probably text with my toes by now, but I'm too lazy to try.)

I didn't see any of this an issue until recently, when I realized — BAM! — my laziness had somehow creeped its way into my wardrobe. Around last Fall, I had adopted the ultimate lazy girl motto, comfort over everything, but looking back at photos, it dawned on me: comfy ain't always cute.

No matter what they call them, joggers are probably just sweatpants. Oversize sweaters will always be baggy. And some outfits just look better with heels.

I'm trying to remind myself of the real reason I fell in love with fashion: as a way of expressing myself; it's the message I'm sending out to world. Do I want really want that message to be "Girl who woke up late and threw on the only thing that wasn't wrinkled"? Nope, not really. I'd much rather be polished, professional, and always put-together.

I imagine many women, especially as they grow older, have a hard time letting the lazy girl go, so I compiled some tips I'm using to stay on track. Because while I won't be giving up binge-watching (too many shows, not enough time) or towel chilling (some of my best thinking is done then), it's time to say goodbye and embrace the fierce, fashionable woman I know I can be.

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