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Princess Diana's Engagement Dress

Princess Diana Found Her Engagement Outfit in the Last Place Anyone Would Think Of

Princess Diana's Engagement Dress
Image Source: Getty / Tim Graham

We've read up on Princess Diana's wedding shoes and sapphire engagement ring and recently discovered something surprising about her engagement outfit. When she got engaged to Prince Charles after six months of dating, she needed an ensemble for the royal announcement. She searched high and low but ultimately ended up at a famous British department store: Harrods.

It was there that Princess Diana bought a skirt suit in a royal blue color, which just so happened to complement her engagement ring. This little-known fact isn't too surprising, considering her relatable public image. Even still, people likely never knew she got her outfit off the racks. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if you suspected Princess Diana's engagement suit to be a custom look, courtesy of a designer. The royal could have made anything look elegant and luxe.

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