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Tips for Styling Shoes

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If you're always looking for excuses to grow your shoe collection, you're in the right place. We've partnered with Clarks to prove that shoes are the answer to all of your wardrobe dilemmas.

Whether you relish in pulling off an ultradaring look or shamelessly love to follow trends, there are just some problems that only fashion girls understand. Maybe it's deciding whether or not a designer collaboration is worth waking up at sunrise for. Or perhaps it's the challenge of fitting a week's worth of outfits (accessories and outerwear included!) into a carry-on bag. We're right there with you.

But while some fashion girl struggles have to be approached case by case, others can be anticipated and solved quite easily. Believe it or not, all it really takes is the right pair of shoes. To help you stay stylish this Spring, we've spotlighted a handful of relatable conundrums that shoes can fix. Read on to see and shop every comfortable solution.