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Victoria Beckham Talks About Posh Spice Outfits

Victoria Beckham Feels a Certain Type of Way About Her Posh Spice Outfits

Victoria Beckham in British Vogue's December 2017 Issue

Though Victoria Beckham currently helms her own hugely successful fashion empire, it's hard to shake the everlasting impact of Posh Spice and the Spice Girls. The 43-year-old mogul was recently interviewed for British Vogue's December 2017 issue and reflected on her days of black minidresses and platform heels.

While speaking about her adolescent life before the Spice Girls, Victoria admitted that her personal style was nothing like that of her pop star persona's. "Did I have a perm that was slightly distasteful? Yes. Did I wear strange jeans? Yes. Did I look inappropriate ever? Not until the Spice Girls," she said. "My mum would never let me go out dressed like that."

These days, Victoria wears impeccably tailored suits, monochromatic ensembles, and a whole lot of turtlenecks. See the full shoot in the December issue of British Vogue, on sale Friday, Nov. 10. While you wait for your copy, check out some memorable Posh Spice outfits ahead.

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