I Could Watch This Mother-Daughter Duo's Smooth TikTok Outfit Transitions on Loop For Hours

Like Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning strutting through the streets of Manhattan in Uptown Girls (2003), this mother-daughter duo on TikTok knows how to bring their style A game to every brunch date, hair appointment, and casual stroll through the city. Where some might step into a living room and see a carpet littered with cookie crumbs and the slippers you were too tired to carry back to your room last night, Anéka Aitimova and her daughter Jasmin Aitimova see a full-blown runway.

As a stylist, Anéka was thrilled when Jasmin suggested they make TikTok videos based off of the 12-year-old's favorite styles, including the hydroflask-carrying VSCO girl, the pastel-loving soft girl, the '90s-inspired indie kid aesthetic, and more. "She said to me: 'Mom, let's do it together!' I was so happy!" Anéka told POPSUGAR via email.

"Be yourself. Never pay more attention to trends [than your own likes]."

Together, they combine their shared love for headscarves, baguette bags, strappy tops, and wide-leg pants into a variety of matching styles that mesh their joint love for fashion. "My style is always a mix: sporty chic, smart casual, romantic, etc.," she said, adding that some of Jasmin's favorite styles include the "smart girl" look and the E-girl look. Ready for any occasion, Anéka and Jasmin's videos contain a mix of colorful street-style outfits, including blazer-jean combos, dressed-up overalls, leather coats, combat boots, and looks that would warrant a spontaneous photo shoot any day of the week.

While fashion is the focus of their videos, Anéka's favorite part of filming is what happens behind the scenes: lots of talking, quality time with her daughter, and the opportunity to laugh at their mistakes together. "These moments are what make us even closer," she said.

Beyond teaching her daughter how to style a good pair of jeans, Anéka hopes that their videos together will inspire people of all ages to have confidence in what they wear and how they present themselves. "Be yourself. Never pay more attention to trends [than your own likes]," she said. "If you don't like some trends, [there's] no need to force yourself to wear it." Take a look at some of the mother-daughter duo's best fashion moments ahead.