Designer Brandon Maxwell Gets Real About His Fashion Week Insecurities

I took a good long while to read (and then reread) Brandon Maxwell's lengthy Instagram post about Fashion Week. The Project Runway host, Lady Gaga collaborator, good friend of Bella Hadid, and famous designer posted a photo of himself sitting in a chair, likely during a casting call or studio session, that had a piece of tape with "Brandon MF Maxwell" written on it. Of course, the "MF" was a clear recognition of the 35-year-old's incredible achievements and impact on the fashion industry. According to Brandon's caption, his crew had labeled his chair themselves and then photographer Monika Kratochvil snapped the picture, and it served as a humble reminder of his gratitude.

"The one thing no one talks about leading up to fashion week is all the insecurities you face as a creative person. It's the craziest emotional rollercoaster I've ever experienced, and it gets harder for me to confront the older I get. But one woman, one walk, one tiny moment, can make it all worth it though, and that's the moment we live for, that's the moment we have to live for. . . . Up until this moment, you and you're [sic] team have been alone in a room working quietly, and as you begin to share what you've been making with your outside creators, any little comment or sign of disapproval can break you down, and it's up to you to find your way back," he wrote.

But this is just one small snippet of the heartfelt message Brandon posted for his followers, fans, and fellow creators in fashion. As an editor, I think of Fashion Week in a very different way than Brandon does. Sometimes it's nice to flip the switch and consider what this biannual event really exists for: not for street style, but for the celebration of art and the artists behind it — people who make themselves vulnerable to reviews and critiques about their work. Make sure you click over to Brandon's feed to read the rest of his important note.