These Brands Are Putting Genderless Clothing at the Forefront of Fashion

Fashion (with a capital F) is notoriously resistant to change. After all, it was (sadly) only a few years ago that household brands made an attempt to diversify their casting, extend their size ranges, and show menswear and womenswear collections on the same runway. For an industry that has operated one, dare we say, close-minded way for so long, these promising signs point to progress, but there's still a long way to go. One area in particular that demands attention? Nonbinary, gender-neutral, and inclusive clothing. After all, nothing feels more outdated than thinking that a garment should cater to a specific gender. With that said, we rounded up 14 brands that are at the forefront of change, dreaming up designs that are truly for everybody.


Rinat Brodach

Rinat Brodach (you might remember her from binge-watching Amazon Prime's fashion competition show Making the Cut) has made a name for herself crafting gender-free streetwear, like cool twist tees, neoprene hoodies in the sweetest shades (i.e. lavender gelato), and open-back button-down shirts.

Where to shop: Online at Rinat Brodach



A New York-based, APIA-founded brand, Bobblehaus offers genderless fashion through a sustainable lens (everything is made from deadstock and recycled fabrics; 10 trees are planted for every item sold). It's quite fitting, then, that the latest drop for summer centers on water — one of the four elements — in celebration of its fluidity and shapeshifting nature. Think: utilitarian, lightweight suits, power mesh tees, and vibrant colorways.

Where to shop: Online at Bobblehaus



It took the highly coveted "Bushwick Birkin" for the It bag to return, all thanks to designer Telfar Clemens, who launched his namesake genderless brand with the goal to create clothing "not for you — for everyone."

Where to shop: Online at Telfar


Big Bud Press

Size-inclusive, gender-inclusive, locally made, and ethically manufactured, Big Bud Press has it all — mainly fun, vibrant pieces (all saturated with nontoxic dyes, BTW) that you'll want to wear on repeat.

Where to shop: Online at Big Bud Press



In the five years since Ijji (which translates to "any loose-fitting drawstring pant" in Japanese) launched, the Los Angeles-based label has positioned itself as a genderless brand with a focus on natural fibers, beautiful colors, and interesting silhouettes, like soft-to-the-touch tees, reliable work pants, and roomy sweats.

Where to shop: Online at Ijji


Eckhaus Latta

There's a reason the fashion set flocks to Eckhaus Latta's show every NYFW: the label, founded by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, has drummed up buzz for its zany, out-there, gender-neutral designs crafted from unconventional materials and its incredibly inclusive casting, often tapping nonmodels of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes.

Where to shop: Online at Eckhaus Latta


No Sesso

No Sesso has been all about inclusivity from the get-go (its name means "no sex/no gender" in Italian). Each collection is intended to promote a sense of community and celebrate nonconformity through eye-catching prints, reconstructed materials, and its signature hand-embroidery (celebs like Dua Lipa and Tinashe are fans).

Where to shop: Online at No Sesso



Olderbrother's guiding principle is "self-definition," which is fulfilled by crafting universal garments for every body and everybody — men, women, and people. Equally important is the brand's attention to sustainability: nontoxic dyes (all colors are derived from nature, like hibiscus, sustainable wood bark, and turmeric) and eco-conscious fabrics, including organic cottons, hemp, and unique blends of wool and woven rice paper.

Where to shop: Online at Olderbrother


Riley Studio

There are two things that are important to know about Riley Studio: 1. The brand has set out to create gender-neutral staples that celebrate individuality, and 2. Its mission is to make conscious consumerism the norm by working toward a circular economy, sourcing recycled materials, and working with ethical partners.

Where to shop: Online at Riley Studio


Official Rebrand

Gender fluidity and sustainability are the two tenets of Official Rebrand, the gender-free brainchild of nonbinary artist and designer MI Leggett, who gives discarded garments a new life by painting, drawing, cutting, and printing them into one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Where to shop: Online at Official Rebrand



Aaron Potts launched Apotts to deliver modern, transeasonal, versatile pieces with an all-gender approach that reflects real style. But it's the joyfulness that makes his designs stand out, made evident by the fall/winter 2021 collection, which featured models dancing to capture the beautiful fluidity of the clothes they were wearing.

Where to shop: Online at Apotts


Ka Wa Key

Organic cotton lace stitch Hawaiian shirts, hand-painted sunset dresses, oversize layered button-down shirts — gender-fluid, ethically minded, London-based brand Ka Wa Key dreams up reimagined pieces that we can't help but gravitate toward.

Where to shop: Online at Ka Wa Key


Wataru Tominaga

For the maximalist: Wataru Tominaga doesn't skimp on vibrant hues or experimental prints — elements that make up the Japanese fashion brand's rich collections that are designed with everyone in mind.

Where to shop: Online at Wataru Tominaga


Les Tien

Les Tien ("yours" in French) prides itself on creating exceptional, timeless basics for all and fusing comfort and luxury with cozy heavyweight hoodies, the softest cashmere crewnecks, and super-sleek coats.

Where to shop: Online at Les Tien