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Dua Lipa Wearing Giant Pink Feathered Loofah Dress

Dua Lipa's Feathered Loofah Dress Has Us Screaming "It's So Fluffy!"

It seems like Dua Lipa can wear just about anything and look cute as heck. Case in point? Her latest pink dress. The Levitating singer posted a few behind the scenes shots from her recent British Vogue cover story for the magazine's January issue. Dua posted a series of three photos showing off a marvelous light pink Halpern dress for a video for the publication. She captioned the photos, " a work bubble" ~ watch our @britishvogue video now on youtube!!! ๐ŸŽ€"

Upon first glance at Dua's dress, we couldn't help but think that it looked like . . . well, a giant loofah! Her Halpern Spring/Summer 2021 minidress was covered with thousands of pink flamingo feathers and had a trim of black feathers on the bottom. It was hard to tell whether the eye-catching look even had armholes or not, but either way, it was adorable. She pulled her hair back into a half ponytail and wore a pair of geometric earrings. Whether the dress is truly wearable or not, one thing's for sure: Dua rocked it and made us want to give it a try too!

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