TikTok's Latest DIY Sweatshorts Hack Is Definitely a Trend I Can Get Behind

In a DIY tutorial we didn't know we needed, TikTokers are demonstrating how to cut an old — or new! — pair of sweatpants into shorts, and I'm more than here for it! Between fashion and style hacks and how-to videos for organizing your closet (which have been very helpful, might I add), TikTok is serving up more videos to make our life and wardrobe just a little bit easier. The latest trend to hit the TikTok-sphere? Sweatshorts.

To get started, you'll need a pair of sweatpants, scissors, liquid fabric glue, and a marker. From beginning to end, the whole process takes a only few minutes and is an easy way to make use of an old pair of sweats you don't wear anymore. Or, if you've been needing a pair of comfy shorts, this is a fast solution to that as well! Follow along for a step-by-step guide to turning your sweatpants into shorts.

  1. Put on your sweats and with a marker, draw a faint line where you would like the length of your shorts to hit. If you're worried about cutting your shorts too short, add a few extra inches to your length marks. You can always trim them later!
  2. Take the pants off and lay them on a flat surface. Make sure there are no bumps and the material is flush. Cut across the line you drew on one leg. Then, fold one leg over the other so they're even. Cut the uncut leg where it meets the end of your already cut material. This will make sure both legs are the same length.
  3. Try your shorts on and see how the length feels. If it's too long, cut to adjust. Once you're happy with the length, you're all done!
  4. Optional step: fold the ends of your shorts and use liquid fabric or stitch glue to create a cuffed look.

Some TikTokers are even taking it a step further and tie-dyeing their sweatshorts, which I'm personally obsessing over! Check out the gallery to see how TikTokers are customizing and rocking their sweatshorts — it's an absolute lounging game changer.