Why Not Celebrate Halloween in Style With This DIY Lizzie McGuire Movie Igloo Dress?

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Hilary Duff's Lizzie McGuire fashion moments represent some of the finest style trends from the early aughts, and nearly 20 years after the show first aired, we're still tempted to try on some of her looks for ourselves. As a tribute to Lizzie's chic style, DIY fashion YouTuber April Yang (Coolirpa) re-created the iconic igloo dress from The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and as Isabella and Paolo might say, it's molto bella!

Inspired by the Franca DiMontecatini original, the igloo dress features a faux-fur-lined hood, matching bell sleeves, a peekaboo igloo cutout at the front of the gown, pom-pom buttons down the bodice, and a hand-painted silver ice-block design. Just like Lizzie, April paired the look with faux-fur-lined boots, and we can practically feel the snowflakes raining down around us. Check out the full video to find out exactly how to re-create this look for yourself ahead of Halloween.