This Season's Coolest Shirts Are Splitting at the Seams

Lucky Magazine is one of our favorite sources for great shopping tips. We're thrilled to share this fabulous story from our friends at Lucky!

A lot of burning questions come up in the Lucky digital pitch meeting. Like, should you wipe down your face before washing it off? Does a giant fur coat make pajamas acceptable for wearing in public? (Also: how does one pull that off?) And in their most recent meeting, the staff spent a good 10 minutes debating the right term for shirts with slits up the sides—what earth are they called?!

Unfortunately, while they couldn't come up with an answer, the group did determine that the trend is definitely on the up-and-up. Split-seam tops were all over the street style scene this past fashion month, ranging from ground-skimmingly long (sort of like a more modest crop top, with your front and back covered but your sides exposed), to tunic length (opening right at the waistband, the extra fabric hitting mid-thigh), and with subtle three- to four-inch cuts (over low-slung trousers, just revealing enough to show a tiny triangle of skin).

With so many variations on the piece, there's no one hard and fast way to wear it; lots of options, after all, mean more outfit possibilities.

Lucky's included five great ones spotted on editors, bloggers, and models in the slideshow ahead, along with similar styles you can shop online now.