10 Rising Gen-Z Stars on What's Inspiring Their Style Right Now

While this year has been tough for many of us, it has taught us to reevaluate many things, like figuring what truly makes us happy. It has given us a moment to reflect on our personal style and has allowed us to take a step back to focus on the little things that spark joy, whether it's learning a fun TikTok dance or binging a new TV show. Staying at home has also helped us rethink whether we need to hyperfocus on things like trends or just wear what makes us feel good. Social media apps like TikTok have pushed this feeling to the forefront, and it has introduced us to relatable stars like Emma Chamberlain, Claud, and Taylor Cassidy along the way.

We've found things that have provided us solace and given us a little joy, whether it's trying out a fun TikTok hack or embracing your culture and dressing up in traditional outfits just for the hell of it. (Personally, staying at home with my family this year has allowed me to go back to my roots and discover an array of South Asian men and women who I feel connected to within my culture.) We talked to some of our favorite Gen-Z stars to get their take on how style has evolved at this time.

"I think the cool thing about [TikTok] is that you can see so many different things in such a short amount of time."

"I've definitely taken some inspo from TikTok. I think the cool thing about it is that you can see so many different things in such a short amount of time. So, it's inevitable that you're going to see something that's cool to you whether it's clothing or home decor," Emma Chamberlain told POPSUGAR. With TikTok taking the reins, we've discovered a plethora of stylish new musicians to listen to and follow as well. One such artist is Claud, who's song "Easy" has been ingrained in my head for the better part of the year now. Not only is their music amazing, but there's something so relatable about their easy-going style. When we asked about how they view trends, Claud revealed the dichotomy of the concept itself: "I think trends are still relevant, but I also think there's less social stigma or shame for wearing something that was trendy a few years ago. I think it's even a trend to not follow trends."

Similarly, another musician who has caught our attention is the London-based singer Arlo Parks. Arlo manages to stay true to herself with her soulful music, where each song almost feels like a poem. The "Hurt" singer revealed that music has helped inspire her style at this time. "I feel like making and sharing music has inspired a sense of confidence and fluidity in my style. Fashion is another form of self-expression to me," Arlo Parks told us.

"I think when trends start happening, it's already a little bit maybe overdone, but maybe that's just me trying to be a 15-year-old trendsetter."

With so many of us staying home, binge-watching shows and movies — as well as rewatching hits — has been bringing us an escape along with inspiration. Watching and rewatching these shows has influenced the way we've dressed, maybe, more than ever. You can see the influence as TikTok stars translate those memorable looks from TV onto the platform. One show that we've seen splashed all over our feeds is HBO's Euphoria, which exposed us to so many new trends when it first aired and captivated audiences with its cast of new faces, including Barbie Ferreira. The actress's sense of style is not only unique but authentically her. When we talked to Barbie about her style and her take on trends, that became more apparent: "For my fashion inspiration, I look at vintage photos and editorials. Do you know what really inspires me? Indie designers and what comes out of the brain of these geniuses who make cool, layered, textured clothes. They create their very specific worlds with their clothes that don't follow any of the trends. I don't really like trends. I like to play with them sometimes, but I like to think of what's the next trend? I think when trends start happening, it's already a little bit maybe overdone, but maybe that's just me trying to be a 15-year-old trendsetter. I like to think outside of the box. A lot of these new designers that I like design clothes that are for expression rather than comfort. I love comfort, but it's more of an art piece."

At the end of the day, the changes in the fashion industry, and all this time at home, has allowed us to re-envision how and where we want to consume fashion right now. While in the past, we've often looked to runways and magazines to learn about new trends, we're now turning to screen style and social media apps, like TikTok, that allow Gen-Z stars to connect with their audiences in a new and authentic way. Ahead, we're talking to some of our favorite rising stars to learn more about how and where they're finding inspiration and style right now. Keep reading to learn more from our interviews ahead.

Emma Chamberlain on How TikTok Has Inspired Her Style

"I've definitely seen some cool thrifting videos that have given me ideas on places with thrift or ways to pair things. It could just be a girl doing a dance, but I like her outfit. I am not picky about where I take my inspo from. I'll take it from anywhere."

Barbie Ferreira on Whether Trends Are Still Relevant in Fashion

"I think that's literally just from me being an emo kid when it comes to always experimenting. I feel like I like to experiment, more than I like to follow a trend."

Arlo Parks on Where She Looks For Inspiration in Both Music and Fashion
Courtesy of Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks on Where She Looks For Inspiration in Both Music and Fashion

"I look toward everything from Joy Orbison to Digable Planets to PJ Harvey for musical inspiration. In terms of fashion, I'm inspired by '90s skater fashion, oversize suits, and workwear pieces."

Claud on How Music Has Shaped Their Style
Courtesy of Claud

Claud on How Music Has Shaped Their Style

"Music has helped me learn how to express myself in ways beyond words. I look at style the same way I look at making music! It's just self-expression."

Rileyy Lanez on Whether Trends Are Still Relevant in Fashion
Courtesy of Columbia Records

Rileyy Lanez on Whether Trends Are Still Relevant in Fashion

"I look at rock stars and looks from the '90s [for inspiration]. Fashion is getting more creative as the generations go by. All these new and even old styles are being taken and renewed."

Taylor J Cassidy on How TikTok Has Shaped Her Style

"There are so many different style aesthetics on TikTok that I never knew existed. When I joined, I immediately became intrigued with the videos styling monochromatic outfits. I loved the way such simple pieces of the same color could be paired together in a beautiful way. Now when I'm able, I choose a good monochrome palette when I dress up."

The Jikaria Sisters on How TikTok Has Shaped Their Style

"Trends are all about self-expression. It's incredible to see so many people create videos to the same sounds wearing such distinct outfits and makeup looks. It speaks to the fluidity and self-expressive nature of fashion. Because so many people make TikToks at home, a lot of fashion trends on the platform feel homey and casual. Anyone can feel great making a TikTok without having to wear designer clothes. We've also seen how quickly trends can be developed and picked up, thanks to TikTok's algorithm."

Bria Jones on Where She Looks For Fashion Inspiration
Courtesy of Bria Jones

Bria Jones on Where She Looks For Fashion Inspiration

"At the moment, I am very inspired by the 90's. Recently, I have been getting inspired by Black 90's sitcoms like Girlfriends, Sister Sister, and The Parkers since those have resurfaced on Netflix. I also have friends in the fashion industry who continually inspire me and that I love to learn from by keeping an eye on their social channels."