Are We Going to Talk About Teyana Taylor's 5-Year-Old Daughter's Impressive Runway Walk?

Burberry might want to make room on the roster for its next fashion show, because this up-and-coming model is ready for her runway debut. On Wednesday, Teyana Taylor shared a video of her daughter Junie Shumpert showing off her impressive runway stomp, and we're calling it now: her shimmy at the end is already her signature move. "Let me see you walk, walk, walk — yes!" Taylor sang encouragingly as her daughter strutted along the pavement. The 5-year-old was dressed in a beige Minnie Mouse hoodie, matching Burberry House coat, a pleated Burberry Terah Skirt, black cat leggings, and red statement boots.

"Was scrolling thru my phone and found Junie doing what she does best. BE JUNIE," Taylor captioned the video. "I told y'all I can't make this up @imanshumpert what we finna do with her? It's giving @1saucysantanaofficial [Saucy Santana] I BLAME YOU." With a mom who knows how to put together the most stylish outfit for a cloudy spring afternoon, we can't blame her for wanting to show off the look from all angles. Check out Shumpert's stunning runway walk (and the surprisingly sophisticated arm movements to go with it) here.