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TikTok Hacks for Building a Sustainable Wardrobe

People on TikTok Are Building Sustainable Wardrobes, and There Are a Lot of Genius Hacks


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If we've learned anything from TikTok since it catapulted into popularity during lockdown, it's that you can learn almost anything from TikTok. Seriously. Those familiar with the video-sharing platform have likely sat front row for fashion lessons on everything from revamping your sneakers with paint to repurposing old bras into bralettes. ICYMI, TikTok's latest #NoNewClothes trend is here to equip you with even more style tips and tricks, all rooted in sustainability.

Among other things, the app has become a one-stop-shop for how-tos and best practices for zhuzhing up your wardrobe without going on a full-blown shopping spree. All in favor of eliminating waste while simultaneously sparing your wallets say, "Aye!"

While many TikTok sustainability tips do incorporate a DIY element, if you're uneasy with scissors, fret not: tons of creators have proven that cutting and sewing isn't the only way to get crafty. Sometimes, a change as simple as shifting the placement of, say, your tank top straps is enough to revive a shirt you thought you were ready to ditch. And don't even get us started on the insane pants sizing trick (more ahead, of course). Whether you've already boarded the green train or are still taking notes on how to build a more environmentally-friendly wardrobe, there are enough tips ahead to get your gears turning instantly. Who said sustainable fashion couldn't be fun?

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