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Back-Toning Workouts

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A strong, toned back is what helps you have stunning posture. That's why we partnered with Lucy Activewear for this post.

Don't overlook your latissimus dorsi when working out! This is the muscle that tightens and tones your upper back and under your arms, especially right where that certain lump of fat loves to hang out — you know what I'm talking about. Give the area a little extra time with these seven moves and you'll have a strong and sexy back you'll want to show off.

  1. The halo: If you're looking to sculpt your shoulders, this one move will get your arms looking amazing in no time. So grab a weight and start rotating it around your head, just like a weighty halo.
  2. Medicine ball push-ups: There are so many ways to use your medicine ball for toning your upper back area. Try doing a one-arm push-up that builds strength and tones.
  3. Tipping row: One way to really give your back and shoulders a boost is to perfect your posture. Try doing a few reps of a tipping row that works the upper back and, as an extra bonus, your backside.
  4. Master a pull-up: You might think this move is above your fitness level, but you can adjust a pull-up to your comfort zone. The classic pull-up tackles muscles in your upper back, arms, and chest.
  5. Rotated triangle: Yoga is also so effective for toning your upper shoulders and back while helping relieve stress and twist out toxins. Think about adding a rotating triangle to your regular daily workout.
  6. Bent-over row: A bent-over row is what you need to be doing if you want to stand taller and have less back bulge. It's a simple way to shape your shoulders while toning and improving posture.
  7. Overhead reach: Get your back and shoulders in the best shape ever with a lying overhead reach. The move works your shoulders and your abs.

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