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Best Pieces From Target C9 Champion Collection

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A healthy body and healthy mind are one in the same. We've partnered with Target to share confidence-boosting performance pieces from C9 Champion that'll help you crush your unique fitness goals in cool, comfortable, and supported style.

How do you choose to move? Maybe it's in group fitness classes, or perhaps it's by walking, biking, or running the nature-lined paths in your locale. Identifying an activity you love might seem easy, but finding the motivation to do it — not to mention truly enjoy and excel at it — can be the hardest part. For many people, that starts with body confidence.

Because body confidence is rooted in how you feel in your skin and how you see your body in the mirror, what you choose to wear can have a major impact on those perceptions. And, when you're heading to the gym, being in the right state of mind is key. To help set you up for success, we've rounded up our top workout wear picks from one fan-favorite (and highly inclusive!) brand: C9 Champion at Target. With high-quality performance fabrics, a generous size range, and a variety of supportive pieces, it's time to say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to all the milestones you're about to crush while sporting these clothes.

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