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Carrie Underwood's Healthy Breakfast

We Want to Try Carrie Underwood's Healthy Breakfast ASAP

Carrie Underwood took to Instagram with an easy vegan breakfast we can't wait to whip up! Instead of a bagel, Carrie Underwood toasted up a whole-wheat sandwich thin, an option that's lower in carbs and calories, and topped it off with a spread of Vegenaise, half an avocado, a slice of tomato, and sprinkle a little Mrs. Dash on top. This low-calorie breakfast offers a dose of healthy fat, a little protein, and plenty of flavor. Carrie has dabbled between vegetarianism and veganism since she was just 21, and it's clear from her breakfast that she's currently on a vegan kick. You can follow suit with these other healthy vegan breakfast ideas.

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