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Does Coloring Relieve Stress?

Zendaya Revealed How She Relieves Stress at Home, and Holy Sh*t, We Need This

Glowy 💡

A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya) on

Some people meditate to relieve stress, others find success in giving up coffee, but Zendaya's nostalgic stress-relieving tactic has fans all over the internet rekindling their love for crayons and coloring pencils. On Thursday night, the 21-year-old took to Twitter to laugh at how she never understood those serene videos of people mixing paint and cutting soap . . . until she found herself sucked into an internet hole captivated by the ASMR videos herself.

To relieve her own stress, Zendaya revealed that she has a "coloring station" at home. "In my house we all find it quite therapeutic," she wrote alongside a photo of her station, which is equipped with a pile of Disney Princess coloring books, a box of colored pencils, and some more crayons. Childhood dream come true!

Although she explained that it's "never that serious," Zendaya's technique has fans on Twitter totally inspired to create their own coloring stations. Check out how she's inspiring stress-relief ahead, then dive into these 28 adult coloring books you need in your life.

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