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Emily Skye Healthy Pregnancy Interview

Trainer Talks About Her Superfit Pregnancy (and Laughing Off Haters in the Comments)

Emily Skye is no stranger to criticism. The adorably excited and positive Australian trainer has amassed over 10 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, but not everyone has nice things to say on social media — this was especially true after Emily became pregnant.

If you've ever become pregnant yourself, you're no stranger to those unsolicited opinions (and those "but I didn't even ask you!" moments). Emily opened up to POPSUGAR about those comments during her fit pregnancy. "People will say things like, 'You can't do that . . .' and I'm literally just squatting," she said. "You just have to laugh it off."

"Ever since I first announced I'm pregnant, I've had a lot of people's opinions thrown my way," said Emily (sound familiar?). "I've really learned not to listen to all the masses out there." If you're going through the same thing, here's her advice: listen to your doctor, those who love you, and yourself and your body. "If something doesn't feel right, don't do it. If you need to rest, then rest. Don't push yourself to do things that you previously could do."

One of her struggles is the change in her schedule and routine. As someone who is usually attacking each day with a heart-pounding workout, she told us, "I've really had to tone it down and rest when I need to . . . and not feel bad because I can't do everything I used to do."

As far as the cellulite and stretch marks go? She said, "I'm embracing these changes. It's amazing that we're growing a human inside us — [that's] so much more important."

Parting words of wisdom: "Embrace the changes [and] focus on what's most important: growing that little, beautiful human inside."

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