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The Fitness Marshall TV Show Life of a Fitness Pop Star

The Fitness Marshall Now Has His Own TV Show and We Are FREAKING Out

Over the past couple years we've fallen head over heels with Caleb Marshall of The Fitness Marshall — and we know you feel the same way. Caleb (alongside beautiful backup dancers Haley and Bria!) has helped us dance, sweat, and laugh our booties off through exercise, while simultaneously channeling a perfect hybrid of Richard Simmons and Britney Spears.

And if you couldn't get enough of the hilarious coaching and commentary in the dance videos, you're in luck, because now you get to pull back the curtain and go behind the scenes of this fitness pop star's life — in his very own TV show. An explosion of fan love and support erupted on YouTube and helped this team of dancers move from their hometown in Indiana to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of helping the world get fit and healthy in the most fun way — and we get to see it all go down on Life of a Fitness Pop Star, debuting on the Verizon go90 app on Jan. 9.

The king of dance cardio told POPSUGAR that this show is the most authentic look into his life. "I've been dancing on the internet for three years and I've always had a vlog, but I've been careful to only show people the best parts of my life," he said. "This reality show is the most real thing I've ever put out into the world. There are real tears, real arguments, and real love. I'm so proud of it and I cannot wait to connect with my fans in such an intimate way."

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