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Get Strong, Defined Arms With This 100-Rep Arm Workout

Get Fit 2014 Giveaway

Win a Fitness Spa Vacation and More in Our Get Fit 2014 Giveaway

No matter what your goals are for 2014, we are here to help! Not only do we offer helpful fitness tips and challenging workouts, but we're also giving away the ultimate prize package to jump-start your goals. Enter for a chance to win $1,000 worth of Champion® Athleticwear and a three-night stay for you and a friend at the tranquil and inspirational Red Mountain Resort in Utah — one of the most beautiful places to relax, renew, and rediscover your passion for fitness and health. Click here to enter now and start your journey to a healthy new year!

Follow our 31 Days of Fitness workout program to rock your new year with daily workouts.

Join The Conversation
kbrown1130 kbrown1130 3 years
Is there going to be a February calendar?
Deb14958887 Deb14958887 3 years
I forgot to mention ... I LOVE your website, it is beyond awesome. I really enjoy the quickie workouts. They may be short, but man do they make you work! No excuses :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Deb14958887 Deb14958887 3 years
Not available in Canada :'(
bcools bcools 3 years
Or click on the image above
bcools bcools 3 years
Hi everyone! See if you can click on this link:
shutterbug926 shutterbug926 3 years
There are no links listed in this post. If you're going to host a contest, you really need to make sure people can enter. I know one commenter said they're using firefox, but I'm using Chrome (more common) and there's still no way to enter.
Audrey14572331 Audrey14572331 3 years
There is no image that says "enter now", nor is there a pink line of "Click here to enter now". I am on firefox, and this IS my browser. NO microsoft for me TYVM.
Khushb89 Khushb89 3 years
Try using a different browser, I couldn't see the link on Crome, but I saw it on Explorer!
Susi-May Susi-May 3 years
Hi everyone! There are two ways to get to the entry page. Click on the image (where it says "enter now") or you can click the link in pink text that reads: " Click here to enter now..." Hope that helps and good luck!
Susan15242436 Susan15242436 3 years
Has anyone figured out how to enter?
fieldoflove fieldoflove 3 years do you enter?
Deb14958887 Deb14958887 3 years
So how exactly does one enter the contest? Also, is it open to Canadian residents? Can't find any rules or anything on this.
KayleeJade KayleeJade 3 years
This would definitely kick start my husband & I's New Years resolution of getting fit! This is a really neat giveaway!
patis712 patis712 3 years
I'm trying to enter, but I can't seem to sign up anywhere. :(
Lyn15220090 Lyn15220090 3 years
love it!
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