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How to Care For Painful Joints

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Maybe you pushed it too hard on the treadmill. Maybe your new killer heels are actually killing your hips and knees. Or maybe you're just hoping to still be tearing up the dance floor when you're well into your 70s. The common denominator here is joint health, and old-fogey misconceptions aside, taking steps to support it is important at any age — even yours!

Whether you're balancing your gym routine or running after the kids, your joints keep you moving in life, so caring for them is key to staying active today and tomorrow. A healthy diet and weight, regular physical activity, and nutritional support are all great ways to maintain joint health. Here are a few more easy ways to support healthy joints no matter what your lifestyle may be!

  1. Get your stretch on — Stretching should be a part of your daily routine. Your joints need a little tug and pull to keep loose and limber throughout the day.
  2. Practice good posture — Proper posture is a must! Hunching over your desk all day at work or slouching while you stroll to the store will only make matters worse on your joints. Making proper posture a priority will alleviate unnecessary joint and muscle stress.
  3. Kick off your heels — High heels may be your first choice in shoe selection, but mixing in supportive kicks here and there can really make a difference when it comes to your joints. Ankle support is key to helping support your knees and will give your posture the boost it needs.
  4. Supplement — Taking a supplement like Osteo Bi-Flex® gives your joints that extra line of defense they need to face each day.* Check out the video below to see joint health in action, and learn how Osteo Bi-Flex® Edge can help!

Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program Individual Results May Vary

Image Source: Shutterstock