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9 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Keep You Satisfied (So You Can Finally Lose Weight!)

How to Decrease Hunger, According to a Health Coach

Maintaining a healthy calorie deficit is essential if you want to lose weight. But when you start reducing your calories, you may start to feel hungry as you adjust to your new calorie intake. You absolutely want to listen to your body and not ignore physical cues of hunger such as a rumbly tummy and fatigue, but one of the reasons people struggle to lose weight (and give up) is because they don't eat satiating meals and let themselves go hungry instead.

Fitness and lifestyle coach Marci Nevin (@marcinevin on Instagram) posted some suggestions in an Instagram post for how to manage your meals and food throughout the day so you reduce hunger. These nine tips are not at all advocating ignoring your hunger but rather encouraging you to eat in a way that actually makes you feel more satiated so you don't go hungry in between meals.

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