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Summer Slumber: 10 Tips to Help You Sleep When It's Hot Out

If there's one thing I've mastered after surviving 20 blistering Summers in Texas, it's how to stay cool while sleeping. We've all been there: you either toss and turn all night trying to find the cool, untouched spot on your sheets, or, if you do manage to fall asleep, wake up stuck to your sheets, drenched in sweat and feeling sluggish. It's no wonder, too, because research has shown that there's a palpable link between insomnia and body temperature. Luckily, there are some easy tips and tricks you can utilize to start staying cool and sleeping better. Try out the following suggestions to help make your sleeping environment optimal for a Summer siesta.

  • Make sure you pick the right material for your bedsheets. Typically cotton, linen, and silk will help you stay the coolest.
  • If you have air-conditioning, keep your bedroom door closed to keep the cool air insulated inside the room. If there is no air-conditioning, leave the door open for better ventilation.
  • Keep a fan in the room. Fans are great for rotating air and giving you a light breeze.
  • Just like with bedsheets, it's important to wear the right type of material for pajamas. Cotton or silk will work best, and make sure to keep whatever you wear loose.
  • Take a cold shower before jumping into bed — nothing will cool you down faster!
  • Keep the room dark. Turn the lights off and keep curtains or blinds closed.
  • Switch out your comforter for a lightweight Summer blanket or use a flat bedsheet.
  • Drink a glass of chilled water before going to sleep. This will naturally cool down your body temperature.
  • Stay still! It can feel unbearably hot to lay down after running around, but if you wait for your body temperature to naturally cool down, the room will eventually start to feel cooler.
  • Ice your neck and wrists for a few minutes to feel an immediate cool sensation.
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