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Jason Momoa Inverted Rock Climbing Instagram Video

Jason Momoa's New Rock Climbing Video May Inspire You to Do Unspeakable Things

Sure, we all know that Jason Momoa is slated to play Aquaman in the DC cinematic universe — but did you know that he's also a real superhero? At least, that's what his most recent rock climbing video leads us to believe, because it looks like it requires superhuman strength. Momoa has been open about his love of rock climbing, sharing his bouldering exploits no matter if he's between film shoots or traveling the world with his family. And in his most recent climbing Instagram post, he doesn't bother hiding his own excitement for the sport; he's screaming throughout the inverted wall run!

Click play on the video below to get you through the slump of your day; there's nothing that watching a gorgeous, megafit man scaling a seemingly impossible wall can't fix (at least for a moment).

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