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Love Your Body Tips

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Staying positive about your bod can be a hard journey, but we partnered with Stayfree® pads to share why loving your bod — flaws and all — is seriously liberating.

It doesn't matter what size you are, being comfortable in your own skin is a seriously fantastic thing. While we might spend precious time obsessing over losing a few pounds, covering blemishes, and trying to achieve unrealistic standards, guess what? You don't need the perfect body to be fabulous, just an awesome attitude. Stop getting caught up with body hang-ups, make a few mental adjustments, and love your body! We know the journey isn't easy, but it's worth it.

At First You're Like, Nope.

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Waking up with daily affirmations? Getting connected with your inner goddess? Yeah, it's a bit much. And all that personal cheerleading is leaving you craving a cheeseburger.

You Go Overboard Validating Your Feelings

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You totally acknowledge you're a bit out of control, which makes you freak out, but after you pull it all together, managing your emotions isn't so difficult. Being present and grounding yourself feels pretty good!

You Actually Try Meditation Instead of Just Talking About It

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Hey, that quiet time is just what you need to reflect and refresh — and maybe daydream just a little bit. But meditating is actually working and you're totally more sane during the day.

And Work on Reminding Yourself That You Are Awesome


It might seem silly looking yourself in the mirror and giving yourself an honest compliment daily (and out loud!), but you're starting to feel a bit more positive. That inner goddess just might be ready to show herself!

Hey, You're Getting There!

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And when someone gives you a honest compliment, you're like, "Hey, thanks!" and you actually mean it! Maybe it's time to admit that this self-love thing is actually working!

And Then You Commit to Kicking Bad Habits

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You've come this far, which means it's time to kick it into high gear. Sure, curbing the habit of reaching for an extra glass of wine when feeling stressed is totally frustrating but swapping for 10 minutes of cardio leaves you feeling better — and you know it.

And You Totally Freak Out and Have a Bad Day

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OK, you wake up and aren't feeling so great about yourself. We get it, but taking a closer look at what the problem really is might turn everything around. You might realize lack of sleep or the fact that you skipped breakfast is really the culprit. And sometimes a bad day is just a bad day. Don't let it set you back!

Then All Your Hard Work Starts Working

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But then things start falling into place and you get it. You realize your body is your body and that it is special and something that you should love and appreciate — and cherish.

And the Whole "Self-Love" Concept Makes Sense


Worrying about clothing size turns into what it really should be about — finding the right fit and not striving for a number. You start noticing things about your body that you honestly like and figure out how to flaunt it.

You Stop Focusing on Your Flaws . . .

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Your broad shoulders? Your knobby knees? They are part of your body and what make you who you are. Instead of letting what you think are "flaws" define you, you have no problem accepting that you are the only one that focuses on them.

And You Start Realizing Your Body Is Pretty Awesome


Because you are awesome.

You Feel Fantastic Both Inside and Out


And then the feeling begins in the pit of your stomach and moves all over your body like a wonderful tingle. That's confidence, love, positivity, and genuine happiness — and it feels amazing. You catch yourself walking taller, smiling more freely, and not worrying about checking yourself in the mirror.

And You Want Everyone to Know How Awesome It Is to Love Your Body!

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Once you figure it out, you want everyone else to know how fantastic it is to love your body. You find yourself tossing out honest compliments to your friends, encouraging others to think positively, and gushing a bit about how good you're feeling lately.

Because Loving Your Body Is the Best

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It really is.

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