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Luzmaria Vargas MACnificent Video

MAC Cosmetics' Self-Love Campaign Aims to Instill Confidence and Empower Women

When MAC Cosmetics decided to cast the faces of its new line of Fall makeup, the company turned to fans, not professional models — an inspiring idea dubbed MACnificent Me. Among the six lucky winners who were flown to NYC for the chance of a lifetime was Luzmaria Vargas, a woman from Anaheim, CA, who feels especially happy to be in front of the camera.

Luzmaria admittedly struggles with self-confidence and body image. "Some people think just because you're overweight, you don't have feelings," she said. "But with this, I'm going to prove . . . I don't have a gorgeous body; I mean, I don't think I'm beautiful, but look at where I'm at. It was really the inside that counted, and I don't need to be a size two . . . I'm here."

She totally rocked her photo shoot and let her confidence shine, and she wants her experience to inspire others who struggle with the same issues. Watch the emotional video above, and then read one woman's journey to realizing that she didn't need to be thin to feel whole or content. Having a healthy body and mind is what matters — you can't let the numbers on the scale or others' opinions of you dictate the happiness you deserve.

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