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Old Navy Fat-Shaming Response

You'll Smile and Shed a Tear From 1 Old Navy Shopper's Response to Fat Shaming

When Rachel Taylor walked into Old Navy last week, she was just shopping around like any American woman looking for the perfect patriotic garb for the Fourth of July. After an unfortunate event with fellow shoppers left her in tears, Rachel fought back and shared her experience on Facebook:

Old Navy, thank you for having adorable clothes for all shapes & sizes. I'd like to tell you the story behind this tank top and why I'll be rocking it tomorrow for July 4th.

Today I was shopping in Old Navy, standing in between a teenage girl and her mom. The girl picked up a plus-size tank top, showed it to her mom and said, "Look! Me and So-and-so can fit in this tank top!" Her mom laughed and said, "Yeah, you could! That thing is huge!"
I couldn't help it; I started crying. I guess the girl and her mom walked away. I have no idea. My husband walked me out of the store to the car. I sat in the car crying for a long time but eventually went back inside to finish my shopping.
I ended up buying that tank top because, it turns out, I look fierce in it!
Be kind. Think about others before you speak. And if someone hurts you, you have to move on.

We are so moved by Rachel's bravery and positive attitude. Everyone deserves to feel as "fierce" as Rachel does in her new tank, and her story is a great reminder to be sensitive, treat others with respect, and greet yourself in the mirror with kind eyes, regardless of the size you rock.

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