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Patagonia Will Donate Black Friday Sales to the Environment

Patagonia to Donate All of Its $10 Million Black Friday Profits to Environmental Organizations

Update: Patagonia's holiday efforts have exceeded all of the company's expectations. The company announced its Black Friday sales were "record breaking," bringing in $10 million to help combat climate change. "We expected to reach $2 million in sales — we beat that expectation five times over. The enormous love our customers showed to the planet on Black Friday enables us to give every penny to hundreds of grassroots environmental organizations working around the world," a statement from the website revealed.

Patagonia says it hopes the impact of its Black Friday sales will encourage Americans to continue to "defend policies and regulations that will protect wild places and wildlife," and, most importantly, remind citizens why the Paris Agreement on climate change needs to remain a top priority in the United States.

Original story:

Patagonia is making a statement this holiday season with its Black Friday sales. The clothing company announced it will be donating all of its profits from Black Friday to grassroots environmental organizations.

"This year Patagonia will donate 100 percent of global Black Friday sales in our stores and on our website to grassroots organizations working in local communities to protect our air, water, and soil for future generations," a statement from the Patagonia website read.

Written by Patagonia's president and CEO Rose Marcario, the announcement also addressed the need for industries to put their resources into environmental efforts following the results of the presidential election. "During a difficult and divisive time, we felt it was important to go further and connect more of our customers, who love wild places, with those who are fighting tirelessly to protect them," Marcario wrote.

Marcario says the threat of climate change on "water and air pollution, extinction of species and erosion of topsoil" should be a great concern for all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. "The threats facing our planet affect people of every political stripe, of every demographic, in every part of the country. We all stand to benefit from a healthy environment — and our children and grandchildren do, too."

Marcario revealed the Patagonia brand has already raised $74 million over the years for grassroots environmental organizations, and will continue to "fight harder and smarter, and use every means at our disposal to prevail for the sake of the country, the planet, and the wild places and creatures that need our voice."

Now this is a Black Friday sale we can all feel good about.

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