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Personal Air Purifier AirTamer A310

This 1 Tiny Product Could Keep You Healthy Through Cold and Flu Season

Who doesn't become a germaphobe during cold and flu season? You wash your hands constantly, get a flu shot, and slather on hand sanitizer religiously — but some germs are unavoidable. Ever sit next to someone hacking away on a plane or sit across from a sick coworker who insisted on coming into the office? Illness is hard to avoid when we're all sharing the same air. Enter: the AirTamer A310 Rechargeable Personal Air Purifier ($150). It's a rechargeable personal air purifier you wear around your neck (it's the size of a set of keys!) to create a three-foot sphere of healthier air around your head. It targets viruses like the cold and flu, pollen, molds, dust, and smoke to give you that clean breathing air you need to stay healthy. This magical little device works by emitting a constant stream of healthy negative ions to air pollution out of your personal space.

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