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Products That Help With Bloating

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Bloat can be a girl's worst enemy. Teaming up with Flat Tummy Co, we're sharing how you can get back to feeling like yourself again when bloat strikes. You can even get 25% off your order during its Summertime Fiiiine sale that's happening now.

We're not going to sugarcoat it — bloat sucks. It's uncomfortable and unpredictable, and it oftentimes leaves us feeling so yucky that all we want to do is relax at home in the world's largest sweatpants. While chilling on the couch is tempting, there are days when the show must go on, and we'd rather not face those days feeling like we need to hide beneath a baggy sweatshirt. The good news is we're not destined to forever sulk in our unwanted bloat!

Ahead, find tips to help you feel your very best. From drinking tea to going for a walk, these simple practices can help support your metabolism, combat bloat, ease cramps, and even reduce nausea.