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Singing Boobs Breast Cancer Video

If You Love Boobs, You'll Love This Ad For Breast Cancer Awareness

Here's the thing: social media still censors photos of breasts that include nipples, even if the photo is for breast cancer awareness. Why is this a big deal? Because women need to know what they're looking for to detect breast cancer. Thanks to this type of censorship, people can't circulate photos of actual breasts, so a photo of lemons emulating signs of breast cancer went viral. Seriously. It's a dozen lemons in an egg carton. We can't show boobs with breast cancer, but bring on the lemons with lumps!

Argentina's MACMA: Movimiento Ayuda Cáncer de Mama created the #EverybodyLovesBoobs song and campaign to break through censorship in the cheekiest of ways. This video is hilarious, albeit mildly disturbing, but shares a lot of truths about the impact of breast cancer.

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